Why Retainers are Important

An orthodontic retainer is a device that holds your teeth in position after they have been moved by some method, typically braces. The use of retainers is important because it allows the gums to adjust to changes in the structure of the surrounding bone. Retainers must be custom-made to fit each person and are usually […]

Why Choose an Orthodontist Over a Dentist?

Can my family dentist straighten my teeth? Yes – but you may not want him to do so. A dentist who is not an orthodontist can offer braces, just so long as the dentist is able to straighten and align teeth as well as the average orthodontist. However, orthodontics is a complex and continually evolving […]

What to Ask During an Initial Consultation for Braces

Dental braces are devices that orthodontists use to move teeth into a desired position. They can correct a variety of dental problems such as crooked teeth, overbites, underbites and malocclusions. The first step in getting braces is an initial consultation with an orthodontist, which should provide you with the answers to many questions about braces. […]

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile is a new type of brace that makes use of recent technological developments. These include three-dimensional imaging techniques in the design of the braces and software that plans the course of treatment. In addition, the wires in SureSmile braces are manufactured to the orthodontist’s custom specifications by a robot. SureSmile braces also received a […]

Ways You Can Avoid Getting Plaque

Plaque is a film on the teeth that is composed primarily of microorganisms. It is typically light yellow in color, although it becomes darker as the thickness of the plaque increases. Plaque is a natural occurrence but it can be harmful if allowed to accumulate. Untreated plaque allows the bacteria to attach to the teeth, […]

Tips on keeping braces clean

When you have braces, it is extremely important that you keep them clean. Food has more places to hide in your mouth, so you have to be diligent if you want to avoid cavities, swollen gums, bad breath and discolored teeth. If you practice removing plaque from your teeth regularly, during your treatment, you will […]

Playing Sports with Braces

Even with braces, playing sports is possible. All you have to do is take the precautions necessary to protect your mouth. If you wear a custom-made mouthguard, you can minimize or even prevent trauma and injury to your mouth. When you are playing sports, accidents can happen to anyone, whether you are wearing braces or […]

Life with Braces

Eating with braces doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating pureed or soft food. In fact, there are less restrictions than you might think. Learning what you should and shouldn’t eat with your braces will assure you receive optimum results from your orthodontic treatment. Preventing damage to the brackets, arch wires, and bands from refraining from eating […]

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are clear, removable orthodontic braces, as opposed to traditional metal braces that must remain in place until the end of treatment. These proprietary braces are manufactured by Align Technology and more than 48,000 orthodontists have been trained in their use as of 2008. Invisalign braces have significant pros and cons compared to traditional […]